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Dream Car Nightmare: Woman says shop ruined her car

What it comes to modifying a car and picking out just the right shop, the dream car can turn into a nightmare pretty quickly. With all the money that has to exchange hands and the intense level of ability that someone needs to properly work on a vehicle, things can tend to get out of hand pretty quickly and before long, you might even wish that you never purchased a vehicle in the first place. This is why it’s important to do some extensive research whenever you’re about to hand over a bunch of money to people who are working on your pride and joy.

This time, we dig deep into a story that involves just that Chevrolet Impala and a cool $16,000 that a woman handed over with the car to a mechanic shop with the hopes of getting her dream machine restored. However, from her side of the story, things don’t seem to be going as according to plan. When she took the car into the shop, according to her, it was completely together and functioning. It probably wasn’t pretty but it was a running and driving vehicle that needed a little bit of work to make it right. However, when she got it back, after going through the sheriff’s office, she wasn’t happy with what happened to the car.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to check in with the story that tells both sides of the debate as we hear from the shop owner as well. From where we’re sitting, it really seems like there’s a missing element that could point to who exactly is in the right here. After you get the details from this news report, be sure to chime in with who exactly you think is telling the whole truth here.



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