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Wondering if Premium Gas is Worth it? Studies Say “No!”

When you buy certain vehicles, the owner’s manual might recommend that you stick premium fuel in the gas tank. This is also a phenomenon that you’ll notice if you modify a vehicle to a certain extent and wanted it to run as well as it should. There are definitely situations where you should be running premium fuel without a doubt but, for some of the factory vehicles that require you to run a premium grade of gas, increasing your spending in the area, it’s not really necessary. I mean, if you don’t really have to spend money on the higher grade for any performance purpose from power to economy, then why should you?

This time, we dive into just that question with the guys over at Engineering Explained who always seem to do a good job of breaking down engineering concepts and delivering them to us in a very simple way that pretty much anyone could understand. This time, our host gives us the full delivery of exactly why you might be wasting money by putting that higher grade fuel in your gas tank when really you could be operating on regular old 87 octane. In most cases, we’ll probably just recommend doing what the manufacturer tells you that you should do but it’s definitely something that’s worth taking a look at.

If you follow along in the video down below, you’ll be able to get the lowdown on exactly how you might go about figuring out if your vehicle is one that could live on without having to go through the expense of putting premium fuel in your tank. After following along with this demonstration that breaks out the scientific concepts right in front of your eyes, be sure to tell us if you think that you need to have premium fuel in your tank or if you’ve been throwing dollars out the window.