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Work Truck Makes Easy Work Of The McLaren!

Work Truck Beats McLaren in Airstrip Drag Race

In the diverse automotive performance community, a well-crafted sleeper holds a unique allure. There’s a certain satisfaction in witnessing a vehicle that appears designed for mundane daily commuting unexpectedly unveil its performance prowess, leaving onlookers astonished.

I mean, when you’re driving around in a supercar that costs as much as someone’s house, it has to be a little bit unnerving to have a work truck eat your lunch but I digress.

Enter a truck from That Racing Channel, originally a humble Ford F-150 work truck.

Beneath the surface, a 3.0L Whipple Supercharger transforms the 5.0L Coyote-powered machine into a powerhouse with 830 hp at the tires. Adding to the intrigue, the truck maintains its 4×4 capability, allowing that considerable horsepower to grip the road and make its presence felt.

A video from TRC captures the work truck in action, showcasing its powerful punch on the airstrip. It’s a lot of fun to watch the machine that looks like it was built for the job site lining up against some impressive competitors. In this particular outing, a bright and boisterous McLaren is one of the headliners to step to the plate against this truck that is sneaky fast.

The McLaren isn’t where the action stops, though, as there are several other formidable opponents ready to see if they have what it takes to hang with the humble work truck. As our host, Javier, puts it, the truck is at the limit of the engine, transmission, and rest of the drivetrain so this truck came to do business even if it doesn’t look like it to the unsuspecting bystander.

As That Racing Channel has made the most of the platform, the build truly reinforces that appearances can be deceiving in the world of racing. In this world, staying prepared for the unexpected is crucial, as one never knows when a typical work truck might surprise them.

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