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WorldRX 360 VR Experience with Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud

360-Degree Camera technology has allowed us to immerse ourselves in some pretty wild situations and see the entire environment surrounding these situations so that we can really experience the same thing that the subject does.

This time, we get the chance to discover the ins and outs of rally with the help of both Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud as they make their way through some wicked nasty World RX terrain.

It’s all about hitting your marks just right in your ride of choice which, this time, happens to be a quite powerful Ford Focus RS RX, cranking out over 600 hp!

Check out the video below and rotate your phone or use the arrows at the top of your screen to dive into every nook and cranny that rallycross has to offer as these two pros walk us through everything including what happens behind the scenes! This one had to be a hoot to put together. It looks like a blast!


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