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World’s Dumbest Car Thief? When Grand Theft Auto Goes Bad

Have you ever had one of these moments? You get so caught up in the task at hand and getting the job done that you fail to realize, if you’d taken a second to survey the situation before diving into the job, you’d have seen a much, much easier way to get the job done.

This guy certainly just had one of those moments, and we are so thankful there was a security camera pointed the right direction to capture his thwarted caper attempt. Best we can figure, this small building is a garage that was damaged, perhaps by a storm, and left boarded up, despite the massive opening left where the roll-up doors once stood. Instead of simply walking into the building through said massive opening, this wannabe thief struggles to pull off the plywood covering the window and climbs inside, only to walk out of the gaping door a few seconds later. Despite the grainy quality, you can almost feel the guy’s embarrassment as he slinks out of the building, knowing just how big an idiot he has made of himself. He then walks over to the front door and gives it a tug, almost as if he has to find out for himself if he could have just opened the door and walked through, after finding the massive door on the side of the building.

There’s a lesson to be learned here, besides the obvious “Don’t break into buildings”, and that’s how much you can help yourself by stepping back and looking at the big picture before tackling a job, even one as dastardly as breaking and entering. Can you imagine how much better this guy would feel about himself if he’d just taken a few moments to look around. A little perspective goes a long way, folks.