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World’s Fastest Cop Car? BOOOOOST!

When the Ford Crown Victoria was chosen by the police as their patrol vehicle of choice, it wasn’t necessarily designed to be involved in high-speed chases.

Our best guess would be that the big, four door sedan was selected as to give police the most utility possible while giving them space to stash away the bad guys.

This time, however, we check out a Crown Vic enthusiast that ended up heading out to his garage and wrenching on his Ford that would become every police officer’s dream cruiser.

The modular Ford engine would be yanked out in favor of a junkyard Chevrolet truck engine that would then be aided by a set of turbos to really get the party started.

Check out the end result in the BigKleib34 the video below that shows off this sinister retired police cruiser making a couple of intense single-digit passes at over 140 mph at Holley LS Fest!