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Worlds First Cadillac Escalade Dually on 26s!

When it comes to automobile customization, as you have probably seen in a no matter what lane you happen to be in with cars from drag racing to stereo system competitions and everything in between, things can get mighty over-the-top in a hurry!

No matter which facet of the car community you find yourself associating with, people spend obscene amounts of money to turn their vehicles into something that really makes them happy or at least they try to. With that in mind, you can really start digging into some different concepts as creativity really can take the reins and turn what can otherwise be a mundane commuter into something different entirely.

This time, we check out a vehicle that has been labeled as the world’s first Cadillac Escalade pickup truck on 26s. Now, as you are probably familiar, the Escalade never really came as a true pickup truck. Sure, the ESV did exist but that was something different entirely. Instead, this time, a lot of work was invested into a conversion kit that would take some sort of Chevrolet or GMC pickup truck and repurpose the pieces to make the front and look like an Escalade. We had to watch it a couple of times to really be able to soak in exactly how this truck made its way into one cohesive picture.

Follow along in the video down below that shows this conversion as it comes to life on a massive set of wheels. To make things even more interesting, the chassis that they started off of on was none another than a 2500 dually diesel, another platform that was never offered in the Escalade. This machine is certainly one-of-a-kind and we know that lots of people either love or love to hate things like this so we’re incredibly interested to hear your opinion on this shining truck. Don’t forget to sound off!

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