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The World’s First Duramax Monster Truck, 3 Foot Wide Wheels!

The World’s First Duramax Monster Truck, 3 Foot Wide Wheels! We have found that, over the years, YouTube has definitely been home for wacky experiments that really make people stretch out their creativity to try new things to entertain an audience. All we have to say about some of these videos is that it’s better them than us because sometimes, they take a lot of effort and time to compile and while they do come out with an interesting results sometimes, well, we will let you watch this want to decide on your own what to think of the outcome that ends up being rather crazy.

With the help of some incredibly unconventional methods, this time, YouTuber, WhistlinDiesel, that is gaining a name for himself by trying out all kinds of off-the-wall things with his Chevrolet Silverado attempts to do something even crazier when he ends up taking wheels and tires that are incredibly oversized for a piece of farm equipment and fastening them to his diesel street truck. I’m not really sure if there’s all that much value in a combination like this other than the sheer entertainment and spectacle it puts on but we have to admit that we really couldn’t help but sink in and watch every second of this video.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able see the process that somebody might go through in order to put these massive wheels and tires on such a truck. I’m going have to go out on a limb and say we wouldn’t recommend trying any of this at home because it seems completely unsafe but, on the other hand, are you not entertained? Watching something like this really leads us to wonder what kind of wackiness we’re going to see out of this channel next. You never really know what kind of adventure this Chevy pickup truck is going to go on around the corner.

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