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World’s Largest Slip And Slide Out Of An Airplane

In some capacity, everyone is looking for a thrill. For some, that thrill-seeking experience has to be a little bit more extreme than it does for others. With some individuals, their thrill-seeking might end with a venture like hunting for the latest stamp to add to their stamp collection and on the other side of this sensation, you may just end up stumbling upon something like this as it seems like these folks want to make their way out of a perfectly good airplane and hurl toward the ground. It’s something that we’ve obviously seen before but this time, it looks like the participants have a little bit of a twist that they want to put in the mix.

Instead of simply skydiving or doing something like base jumping, these folks look like their version of a thrill is going to be a combination of skydiving and a massive waterslide. Instead of just one or the other, we watch as these folks make use of the space within an airplane to slip n slide right out of the back of the plane as they begin to make their way toward earth once again. This is definitely something that we could see making your adrenaline shoot straight out of the roof and to a new level entirely! Thrill seekers, it looks like you’ve met your match!

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to see the experience firsthand and maybe even pick up a little adrenaline rush for yourself. Sure, you might not be a part of it but this one is so extreme that it almost transcends the screen and brings you along for the journey that is really like no other! After checking out this one for yourself, can you say that it’s something that you’d want to take part in?

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