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Meet the World’s Longest Monster Truck – Sin City Hustler

Even for those who might not be the biggest monster truck fans, the “Sin City Hustler,” is one ride built to impress. This one will leave jaws from any walk of life on the floor. It really looks like someone had an idea for a massive machine and simply refused to stop. The result is something that’s a lot longer than any other monster truck in existence! “Dominating” only begins to describe its presence.

Sporting 66″ tall tires and room for 12 passengers, this custom-built truck is a feat to be admired. Just imagine all the material that had to be mended just right to bring together such a massive rig. It started with a plan of a 3 to 4 month built period. However, when that turned into 15 months, this thing was perfected down to the nuts and bolts.

Sometimes, things just happen like that. There’s always a challenge in the garage to go head to head with. Even normal projects throw curveballs so this one had to have some true over-the-top challenges to confront.

Powered by a 750+ horsepower, 521 cubic inch big block Ford, this screaming monster has to be a blast to drive around and we would imagine that it draws more than its fair share of attention. It can be easy to get the feeling of being unstoppable while driving a normal truck. Just imagine how it feels being behind the wheel of something like this!

The $1-million truck weighing in at 15,000 pounds is almost as big as the city of Las Vegas itself and pulls out all the stops to show its dominance in the desert. Get a load of the insane custom monster truck in the video below and tell us what you think of this giant as it stomps around in the sand while taking no prisoners.