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World’s Most Amazing Machines in Operation – 100 Ways To Split Wood

With each and every day of forward innovation, more and more manual labor is placed on the shoulders of technologically aided machinery that attempts to take the physicality out of some of the more intense jobs in the job market. Whether that’s for better or worse, we will leave for you to decide.

However, this time, we check out one of the most basic jobs around in splitting wood that seems to have taken axes out of the hands of those who have been tasked to do it and instead, replaces those tools with all different kinds of automated contraptions that not only make it easier but also make the work go by quicker.

In this one, we check out about a hundred ways that manual labor is becoming less and less “manual.” They’ve come up with all different kinds of gizmos and gadgets to achieve the same goal, all in different ways. I guess that determining which one is the best fit for you all depends on the specific application.

Check out the video below that will take you inside of these unique innovations that will show you more ways of splitting a log than you had ever thought possible. At the end of this one, you’ll probably never want to look at another log splitter ever again!