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World’s Most Expensive Ford Ranger is a 6-Figure Off-Roading Monster

In the eyes of most, a Ford Ranger is nothing more than an economical version of a pickup truck. The mini-truck doesn’t quite have all the capabilities of a full-size pickup but it’s good at carrying out its role. With something like a Ranger, customers get a better price point and a more economical fuel situation. The pickup truck doesn’t have a full-size bed as one would with something like a Ford F-150 but a 6-foot bed is still an option for functionality.

So, given that the Ranger is kind of a budget truck, how in the world could somebody manage to spend six figures on one? This time, we get to tune in with the build that manages to take a typical Ranger and turn it into a $133,380 monster. When all is said and done, we have a very capable machine that lots of enthusiasts wouldn’t mind adding to their own personal collections.

The build from Mountain Trail RV attempts to take the pick up truck and turn it into the ultimate off-road utility vehicle. Considerations are made from entertainment to function and even storage. When all is said and done, the combination will be able to take its user on the ultimate off-road expedition without leaving anything out.

By following along with the video below, we get to tour the complete truck to see what it’s all about. It’s pretty interesting to see how somebody could take such a basic platform and turn it into the best of everything when it comes to something like Overlanding. Theoretically, one could even take it upon themselves to live in a vehicle like this for quite an extended period of time.

Sure, it might be compact but this Ranger offers up many of the features of home on the go!