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World’s Most Modern Ship Self-Defense Weapon: Rolling Airframe Missile Live Fire

Sometimes, when it comes to defending yourself, it might just mean simply having a bigger and more efficient set of weapons than whoever it is that happens to have you in their sights. This especially holds true at war in a situation where the rolling airframe missile, or RAM for short, would come into use.

Thanks to a rolling camera, we’re able to check out this awesome self-defense weapon as it’s utilized during a training exercise. What we’re told about the setup is that “The RAM guided missile weapon system is a lightweight, quick-reaction, fire-and-forget missile designed to destroy anti-ship cruise missiles and asymmetric air and surface threats.”

Follow along with the clip down below from AiirSource Military that shows how rapidly this weapon can arm and fire in the heat of the moment as to to deter or eliminate whatever threat it is that looms on the horizon that would come against whatever vehicle that you’d find this bad boy mounted up on. Be sure to tell us what you think of such a nimble and powerful weapon.


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