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The Worst Pit Stops in F1 History

In the course of a professional race, one can never really know what’s going to happen. This is especially true for those racing at the highest level. With higher speeds comes higher volatility. Not only do drivers have to focus on how they’re racing but also the maintenance in between. For some of these longer form races, we see pit stops that make drivers get fuel and change tires in order to keep competing in the race. Not only is this a calculation on how to best finish the race but also a matter of physical performance. These factors need to come together for both performance and time savings. After all, some of these races are decided by mere fractions of a second. Saving a second or two in the pits can really be worth it.

Every driver would like their pit road experience to go smoothly. Unfortunately, that’s simply not how it pans out sometimes. While the vast majority of pit stops go down drama free, every once in a while, something crazy happens. With different pit members that are tasked with different responsibilities, one never knows what’s going to get tangled up during the course of these pit stops. When throwing into that equation the volatility of a vehicle that is nice and hot, potentially with mechanical issues, things can get intense.

By following along with the video below, we get the rundown of some of the worst pit stops in Formula One history. It might be a driver driving away with a piece of equipment still attached to a car. Perhaps, it’s someone simply falling asleep in the middle of their job. In any case, some of these situations get downright brutal. At the end of the day, many might not realize it but this is a job that’s incredibly dangerous. It takes not only knowledge of the car but a ton of physical ability as well. Watching something like this unfold might just make us grow in appreciation for those who do this job on a regular basis.


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