Wrecked Domino’s Pizza Oven Car Bought At Auction for Pennies, Restored!

There are definitely some weird and wacky collector cars out there on the market that ...

There are definitely some weird and wacky collector cars out there on the market that might make you scratch your head a little bit but there are very few that will make you wonder where they came from like this Domino’s pizza delivery vehicle, you know, one of the promotional ones that they’ve been pushing that promise to keep your pizza hot in the onboard oven while they deliver it. You might be wondering just how a collector would get their hands on something like that and this time, we get the find out just that.

In this one, we take a closer look at a Copart auction that yielded a pretty neat find and for the low price of just over $500, this Chevy Spark that also acts as a delivery vehicle might just be able to be rebuilt into something incredibly desirable, especially when you think about the good point that this YouTube user, Samcrac, brought up when he started talking about the franchising fees that individual branches might have to pay to purchase one of these for themselves. It’s not a bad little flip opportunity when you consider the fact that he probably will have no more than maybe a couple grand into this whole project.

Follow along in the video below that shows exactly how you can use the insurance auction system to get your hands on some pretty neat vehicles if you keep an eye out on it and take the time to learn how exactly it all works. This definitely isn’t a guaranteed way to make sure that you get a deal but it certainly is a pretty good start, especially when you look at some of the prices that you could be paying for vehicles that could end up having pretty good value in the long run, that is, if you know what you’re looking at.

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