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Yacht with a Bugatti Chiron Onboard Steals the Show at F1 Monaco GP

Yachts routinely steal the show during the F1 Grand Prix weekend, and this year was no exception.

The Monaco Grand Prix, renowned for its glamorous atmosphere, saw a stunning array of yachts docking in the harbor, but a select few truly turned heads. Among them, a yacht named Seven Sins caused a sensation by featuring a Bugatti Chiron onboard, cementing its status as the talk of the town.

The Showstopper: Seven Sins

The Seven Sins yacht created a buzz with its luxurious appeal and an extraordinary addition—a Bugatti Chiron. This rare and coveted supercar, worth approximately £2.5 million, was showcased on the yacht, attracting endless admiration from onlookers. The presence of such an exclusive vehicle on a yacht is a sight rarely seen, even in Monaco’s opulent surroundings.

While the Seven Sins can be chartered for a week at a relatively reasonable $300,000, this price does not include the Bugatti. Despite this, the yacht alone offers a remarkable experience with its high-end amenities and stylish design. Docked in the Monaco harbor, it stood as a beacon of luxury and automotive excellence during the F1 weekend.

The Evrima Experience

Another standout yacht this year was Evrima, owned by Ritz-Carlton and serving as a floating luxury hotel. Mercedes partnered with Ritz-Carlton to host some of its most prominent figures, including Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, and Toto Wolff, aboard Evrima. This yacht offers an unparalleled luxury experience with 149 rooms, each featuring a private terrace, an infinity pool, and an onboard therapist. Guests also enjoyed direct access to seawater and a range of watersports from the deck.

Chartering Evrima comes with a hefty price tag of $2.2 million per week. However, for those fortunate enough to stay on board, the experience is nothing short of extraordinary. This yacht not only provides luxurious accommodations but also a unique vantage point to enjoy the Grand Prix festivities.

Faith: The Billionaire’s Playground

The superyacht Faith also made waves in Monaco during the Grand Prix. Previously owned by Lawrence Stroll, the current owner of Aston Martin, this $200 million yacht now belongs to the billionaire father of former F1 driver Nicholas Latifi. Faith is equipped with a helipad, a gym, and a theatre, offering guests an ultra-luxurious experience.

For those looking to experience the high life, Faith can be rented for $1.5 million per week. Its amenities and sheer size make it a favorite among F1’s wealthiest attendees, providing a lavish backdrop for the thrilling race weekend.

The Legacy of Lionheart

Lionheart, a yacht valued at $150 million, also garnered significant attention. Formerly owned by businessman Philip Green, this yacht epitomizes luxury and elegance. Its impressive design and amenities continue to make it a standout in the Monaco harbor.

Yachts and F1: A Glamorous Tradition

Yachts have long been a staple of the Monaco Grand Prix, providing the perfect platform for the rich and famous to enjoy the race in style. The tradition of yachts stealing the spotlight dates back years, with one of the most memorable moments involving Kimi Raikkonen in 2006. After retiring early from the race, Raikkonen famously walked straight to the harbor to find his yacht, where he relaxed with friends while the race continued without him.

This year’s yacht lineup continued this glamorous tradition, with vessels like Seven Sins, Evrima, Faith, and Lionheart embodying the ultimate in luxury and extravagance. Each yacht offered a unique blend of amenities and exclusivity, making them the perfect havens for the elite during the Grand Prix.

The Allure of Seven Sins

The Seven Sins yacht not only captured attention with its onboard Bugatti Chiron but also with its impeccable design and luxurious features. This yacht is designed to provide an unparalleled experience at sea, combining modern elegance with top-notch performance. Its spacious decks, stylish interiors, and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that guests enjoy every moment aboard.

Bugatti Chiron: A Marvel of Engineering

The Bugatti Chiron onboard Seven Sins is a true marvel of engineering. Known for its extraordinary speed and luxurious design, the Chiron represents the pinnacle of automotive excellence. Featuring a quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 engine, it produces an astounding 1,479 horsepower, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 261 mph.

Having a Bugatti Chiron on a yacht is a testament to the fusion of luxury and performance. It symbolizes the convergence of the best in maritime and automotive engineering, creating a spectacle that captivated all who witnessed it.

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Evrima: A Floating Oasis

Evrima, with its luxurious accommodations and extensive amenities, offers a unique blend of comfort and opulence. This yacht is more than just a vessel; it’s a floating oasis that provides guests with an unparalleled experience. Each suite’s private terrace allows guests to take in the breathtaking views of the Monaco harbor while enjoying the privacy and exclusivity that Evrima offers.

Ritz-Carlton’s Signature Touch

The Ritz-Carlton’s involvement ensures that Evrima maintains the highest standards of luxury and service. From gourmet dining to personalized service, every aspect of the experience is designed to exceed expectations. The infinity pool and onboard therapist further enhance the sense of relaxation and indulgence, making Evrima a standout choice for those seeking the best during the Grand Prix.

Faith: The Ultimate Luxury

Faith, with its opulent amenities and storied history, continues to be a favorite among the elite. The helipad offers the ultimate convenience for guests arriving by air, while the gym and theatre provide endless entertainment options. This yacht is designed to cater to every need, ensuring that guests experience the pinnacle of luxury.

A Symbol of Prestige

Owning or chartering a yacht like Faith is a symbol of prestige and success. It represents the ultimate in luxury living, providing an exclusive retreat for the world’s wealthiest individuals. During the Monaco Grand Prix, Faith serves as a floating palace, offering an unmatched level of comfort and sophistication.

Lionheart: A Classic Beauty

Lionheart stands out with its classic beauty and impressive features. Valued at $150 million, this yacht embodies the elegance and grandeur that define the Monaco Grand Prix. Its spacious decks and luxurious interiors make it a favorite among those seeking a refined and sophisticated experience.

The Monaco Grand Prix: A Celebration of Luxury

The Monaco Grand Prix is more than just a race; it’s a celebration of luxury and extravagance. The presence of these stunning yachts enhances the glamour and excitement of the event, providing a perfect backdrop for the high-speed action on the track. From Seven Sins with its Bugatti Chiron to the luxurious Evrima, each yacht contributes to the unique atmosphere that makes the Monaco Grand Prix one of the most anticipated events of the year.

A Fusion of Speed and Luxury

The yachts at the Monaco Grand Prix exemplify the fusion of speed and luxury. They provide a platform for the rich and famous to enjoy the race in unparalleled comfort and style. This year, Seven Sins stole the show with its onboard Bugatti Chiron, while Evrima, Faith, and Lionheart showcased the best in maritime luxury. As the tradition of yachts at the Monaco Grand Prix continues, these floating palaces will undoubtedly remain a highlight of this glamorous event.