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Yankees Pitcher Aroldis, Picks Up $150,000 Kevlar Coated 6×6 Super Jeep

There is absolutely no denying that 2020 has been a pretty rough year so far. We would give you the grand recap but we think that everybody is pretty much filled in on how much of a disaster things have been so far. If there’s one thing to gain from this year, though, it’s that maybe we can be a bit more prepared.

We aren’t exactly sure if New York Yankees closer, Aroldis Chapman, was thinking about the apocalypse when he bought his newest Jeep. However, this thing looks like it can handle all that and then some.

This isn’t just any Jeep. In fact, it doesn’t really share much in common with a traditional Jeep outside of a couple of styling features. Instead, the vehicle has been extended and extra wheels have been fitted to make it a 6×6. A turbo-diesel engine sends power to all six of the wheels.

The company behind the build, South Florida Jeeps also took the liberty of including weather-resistant, hand-stitched red leather interior. Last but not least, the Jeep is covered with bulletproof Kevlar.

We’re not sure if Chapman has been catching up on Mad Max but it looks like his Jeep is ready to tackle just about any wasteland. The asking price for this monster of a machine – $150,000. That’s not bad when we consider all of the functionality packed into this bad boy.