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Yard Work – No lawnmower or Weed Whacker Can Match an 850hp Off-Road Truck

When you Happen to be a freestyle motocross legend and also hold six off-road racing championships, when your wife tells you to do the yard work, well, you still probably have to do it. There’s no getting away from that. However, the way that you accomplish such a job might be a little bit different than other people who head out to the yard to cut the grass and trim back some shrubbery.

In this one, we check out exactly that situation as Brian Deegan takes the lazy Sunday job of doing yard work and turns it into something incredibly awesome, something that we can all watch and enjoy. The Internet has really done a good job of taking purpose built vehicles and using them in unconventional ways and to say that this falls under that category is nothing short of an accurate statement.

It’s incredible to watch is this lightweight, 850 hp Pro-2 off-road truck rips its way through the yard, sliding sideways and mowing down stray grass in a hurry. I’m not sure of this is the most effective way to handle cutting the lawn but it sure does look like a lot of fun!

We feast our undivided attention on the screen as Deegan blasts over massive jumps, slides sideways through the grass, and otherwise wreaks havoc on his back yard. Just consider yourself lucky that you get to go along for this ride in the first place because I couldn’t think of a more adrenaline pumping way to head out and do some run-of-the-mill yard work.

Ride along with the ultimate display of high horsepower grass cutting supremacy down video below and be sure to chime in with your thoughts on how exactly this session of taking care of the grass turned into something just a little bit more intense. When you have horsepower flowing through your veins, something like this just looks oh so right.