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Yes, This Cruise Ship Has a Racetrack On It… Time For a Vacation!

Somebody out there in the Norwegian Cruise Lines business office figured out how to appeal to the guys, and in the process combined two of the most enjoyable activities in the world to create the ultimate action-packed vacation getaway. The massive cruise ship named Norwegian Bliss actually has a massive go kart track on its deck, and it has got us wanting to go on vacation immediately. The track covers a large portion of the massive vessel’s upper deck and is a dual-level layout that should be immeasurably fun to rip around as the ship steams toward it’s destination. The track features electric karts and is the largest competitive go kart track at sea in the world, and has a decidedly Mario Kart feel.

If the badass go kart track isn’t enough to pique your interest, there’s a host of other attractions and activities to participate in. There’s a full water park that features a a freakishly cool looking “over-the-edge” water slide that slings riders out over the side of the ship while they slide through the tubes. There’s also an open-air laser tag course designed to look like an abandoned space ship that should provide hours of fun as well. Or, you can always just relax, since it is supposed to be relaxing after all.

The Norwegian Bliss is scheduled to hit the open seas in the spring of 2018, sailing for destinations like Alaska and the Caribbean. Seeing such amazing activities prompted an inter-office discussion about what else they could have on board. The concept we kept coming back to is some form of go kart drag racing that pits passengers against one another. What do you guys think would be the coolest thing to add to a cruise ship? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments on Facebook.

Norwegian Bliss Equipped With Racetrack

You can race go-karts on top of this new mega cruise ship.>>

Posted by Thrillist on Thursday, August 17, 2017


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