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You will Never Split Wood the Same After Watching This!

Our friend Crazy Russian Hacker is always finding some great ideas for making life easier, and the tips that he features in this video are pretty helpful, if for nothing else than saving yourself some back pain while chopping firewood.

CRH demonstrates how wood splinters and flies in every direction when you split it, meaning you have to bend over a couple of extra times. If you’re doing one or two logs, that’s not too big a deal, but if you have a stack of wood to split, that’s a lot of extra bending over. Luckily, there’s a couple of tips that are both simple and effective. If you’re a car guy, there’s a real good chance you’ll already have everything you need laying around the garage or shop.

The first idea is so simple, it almost makes you feel kinda dumb for not figuring it out on your own. Simply drop a tire around the log or logs and let the radial do the wrangling for you. The tire has enough flex and give that it doesn’t hinder the wood splitting itself, it just holds all the pieces in place after the axe does it’s job. You can place one big log in the tire, or multiple smaller ones and chop them all without having to bend over and pick up the smaller pieces.

Tip number two, instead of a tire, use a couple of good bungee cords to hold the pieces together. This one is a little more of a hassle because you have to hook and unhook the cords each time, but that’s still better than chasing down each piece of wood every time you swing the axe.

Thanks as always to Crazy Russian Hacker for bringing us his awesome tips, delivered as only he can. Be sure to check back for more awesome life hacks from our Russian friend.