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You Will NOT hear About This In The Mainstream Media!

Due to the historic floods in and around Houston caused by Hurricane Harvey, there has been a massive volunteer response from all across the nation. People have brought everything from boats to huge pickups to trailers full of supplies to help rescue those caught in the devastating floodwaters and help begin the long rebuilding process once the waters begin to recede. There has also been a massive response from the National Guard from several states, and while they certainly have provided a great deal of help, sometimes they might make things harder on themselves than they have to be.

For example, the driver of this army truck has managed to get stuck in water that comes up to the truck’s windshield, rendering it immobile. However, since Texans are always prepared for just about anything, there are a couple of jacked up rides close by to help fish the truck out of the water and get it back on dry land so the mission can continue. A huge Cadillac Escalade handles the bulk of the work, dragging the massive Army truck through the water and up onto the bank so the water can drain out.

Once the water is drained, another huge pickup is brought in and hooked up to drag the military rig the rest of the way out of the water. Once all the rigs were back on land, the work at hand could continue, and there is plenty to be done for sure. Hopefully, all of these guys were able to get out there and do a lot of good, as the residents of Houston certainly need it right now. If you’re able to help in any way, please consider doing whatever you can to help, if it’s donating money or supplies or hitting the road to help out yourself. The area is facing a monumental rebuilding period that will likely exceed that of Katrina in New Orleans.