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Young Girls Reaction to a Top Fuel Dragster is Adorable!

If you’ve never been to an event that features Top Fuel cars in action, this is how you’re going to react, at least on the inside!

You may try to stay calm and collected and not jump out of your skin when the most powerful drag cars on the planet drop the hammer and it hits your chest like a shotgun blast, but on the inside, you will be doing exactly what this adorable little Courtney Force fan is doing.

Needless to say, we think the sport has a fan for life in this little lady. She’s clearly into the noise and power that comes from these 11,000 HP monsters as they blast down the track. Instead of jumping back in reaction to the intense sound as most fans, including adults, usually do, the deafening noise only seems to feed her fire and take her to the next level of fandom as she roars back at the car from her spot in the stands!

We hope this little chick gets to go to as many races as she can to feed her love for the sport, as this is the kind of passion many say the sport lacks, especially from the younger generation.


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