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YouTuber Attempts To Give Away Car But It Goes Up In Flames

It seems like during the holidays, we can really see the best in people. During a time where good spirit is in the air, some people might be looking to do a little something to help somebody else out which is a great thing. When you look at the way the world is today, acts of kindness not only help our fellow human beings but also help to remind others that there is still good in the world and it brings a sense of positivity to some situations where there may be none in sight!

This time, we check in with YouTuber, itsjusta6, as he had decided that he wanted to get in on the holiday cheer. As it turned out, he would take a car that might need a little bit of help and attempted to fix it up before giving it to a family in need. After all, if you don’t have a way to get around, what would be better than getting a car dropped right in your lap? I don’t think that there are very many things that would be more welcome than that. Having a ride everywhere is definitely one of those things that we could easily take for granted as, for many, this is something that’s readily accessible. However, such a luxury can be taken away in an instant.

This time, we take a moment to follow along with the situation that was definitely a valiant effort to bring the vehicle to a family in need but ended up coming up just short as the car in question would end up catching on fire before a family was able to get it. It’s unfortunate that the outcome here was watching the car burn to the ground, however, it’s good to know that there are still good people out there who are looking to help others, maybe seeing something like this will be enough to encourage you to go out and do a little bit of good this holiday season.


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