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YouTuber Explains How To Avoid Buying Flood Cars After Hurricane Irma and Harvey!

YouTuber Rob Ferretti has become a solid source of information on all-things automotive over the past few years, and today he has some information that just might help all of us in the long run. As we’ve all seen, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have devastated parts of Texas and most of Florida and the southeastern US, respectively.

While the main focus is obviously the human casualties and the countless people who lost their homes in the monster storms, there will without a doubt be some individuals looking to capitalize on the situation and make a quick buck, or some who get shafted by their insurance company and are just desperate to recoup some of the loss. Either way, both of these storms have left tens of thousands of cars flooded, and we don’t just mean up to the door. These cars have been completely submerged for days, and there’s no way they will ever function normally again. If the insurance company doesn’t cover flooding, another topic Ferretti discusses in this video from his superspeedersRob channel, then there is a real good chance the owner will clean it up as well as he can and try to unload it while it still seems to function normally.

However, as Rob points out, unless you’re building a race car and just want the shell, there’s really no good reason to but a flood car, as they simply cannot be trusted as reliable rides, almost always due to electronics issues. We all know water and electricity don’t work, and despite their best efforts, automakers simply cannot make a car totally waterproof.

As suggested, do your homework, and that doesn’t mean simply running a Carfax. Have the car completely inspected, top to bottom and front to back by somebody who knows what to look for. It may save you a major headache!