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YouTuber Salomondrin Gets His Hands On The Galpin Rocket Mustang! 1 of 2 Ever Built!

With so many great minds working in the car community, there are a lot of end products that are incredibly interesting to look at. Sure, we can become pretty infatuated with cars as they come straight out of the factory but sometimes, when designers and engineers want to take things another step beyond what the factory produced, let’s just say that they can get pretty interesting as cars cannot only undergo performance modifications to make them a little bit more fun to drive but also might go through some major facelifts in order to give the machines a little bit different look than what is normally expected.

This time, we catch up with YouTuber, Salomondrin, as he gets his hands on a very rare car, indeed. In fact, there are only one of these machines out there somewhere in the world outside of the one he happens to be sitting behind the wheel of.

He takes a moment to dissect the history of the Galpin Rocket Ford Mustang, in which he explains how it’s put together by a name that you might know in Henrik Fisker and Galpin Autosports along with how there have been so many ideas that have influenced the car that go hand-in-hand with a lot of other iconic concepts that have come to life over the years in the automotive sector. This is definitely a product of some people who are deeply linked to some important automotive ventures.

The machine is one that is beyond exciting so we won’t take up any more of your time but we will encourage you to check out the video below that will completely give you the entire rundown of this car and the history that makes it so great along with the features put in place that make it quite an exciting set of wheels to rip around town in.