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YouTuber Tells How Much Money He’s Made On YouTube From Project Blazer

When it comes to some of our favorite creators who post on YouTube, there is some serious money being thrown around in some cases. Therefore, for those who are putting together project vehicles, the end out coming out on top when all is said and done. In certain cases, project vehicles will even make more money than what they cost. By this logic, many of the vehicles that we see pictured on YouTube might approach a sort of budget-friendly build. However, when it really comes down to it, each and every car is an investment for the creator behind it.

Now, this is an area where not too any creators are really all that open. We certainly get it. Most believe that there aren’t all that many positive outcomes that would come to light when everybody knows what they makes. However, that’s not a belief that this particular YouTuber holds. For those who follow along with Streetspeed717, they’re probably familiar with the budget Chevrolet Blazer that he’s been building. This time, he’s taking the wraps off of the money aspect behind it. After just a couple of videos, this thing hasn’t more than paid for itself.

Now obviously, results are going to vary because let’s face it, not everybody is as entertaining as the next creator. In turn, Mike has also done a good job of building up a substantial sized following. Therefore, the base that’s already behind him plays a massive role in a project series like this. It acts as a nice little launchpad to propel the series forward into the black. However, when he pulls the covers off of the real numbers made here, it shows us just how much potential there is any YouTube channel with a good following. Kudos to Mr.717 for finding a way to make money doing something he loves!