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Zebra-Stripe Speed Bumps in Washington D.C. Prevent Illegal U-Turns

One of the challenges of navigating through city is finding a way to divide the usable travel space between bicyclists and motorists. While this might seem like a fairly straightforward venture, it isn’t always quite as easy as it sounds. At times, both can seem to be a little bit overbearing to the other which can cause some pretty interesting situations to unfold. I think that the most important thing to remember here is that the ultimate goal is to keep everybody safe and most efficiently divide the roadways so that everybody is able to get to their job or destination on time without being put in danger.

This time, we hear about a story from Washington DC as they have taken another step forward in the fight for bicyclists rights on the roadways and it seems like their decision is being received in different ways depending on who you ask. In order to prevent cars from making illegal U-turns in areas that cyclists have, designated to travel, the city has decided and introduced some bumps known as “zebra bumps” that were made with the intention of keeping the people in cars off of the bike path where it seems like they tend to drive in order to cut a corner and save a couple of minutes.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll hear all about the split decision that has some happy that the bike riders are kept in mind when putting together different projects like this but, others claim that it just simply isn’t enough and that motorists are going to ignore the bumps anyway as their cars will fit through the center of them. These people argue that it’s not like the motorists were accidentally breaking the law before and will continue to do so. After checking out the story below that definitely offers up a legitimate problem, be sure to tell us what you think the right solution to such an issue could be.