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“Zero” Safety Rating Given to Truck so Unsafe that Airbags Wouldn’t Help Even if it Had Them

With every automobile that a manufacturer builds, there is a specific goal or set of goals in mind. They don’t just head out and create what they think someone would like. Instead, there is certainly a checklist of different features that will make certain vehicles appeal to a certain crowd.

With that in mind, there is definitely a segment that needs a utility vehicle that is also going to be easy on the bank. These stripped-down trucks serve to get the job done whether it’s hauling things around in a bed or hauling crew around in the cab. However, buyers shouldn’t expect them to do very much more than that.

When we say that buyers should have low expectations, here in America, that generally means that a vehicle will meet a pretty decent safety standard these days. Some brands definitely make safer cars than others and we would recommend doing your research. However, the baseline is pretty high these days in terms of how realistic it is for occupants of a given new vehicle to survive an accident.

However, as we take a look around the world, this isn’t always the case. This is where the Great Wall Steed 5 enters the equation. To put it nicely, the model is basically as cheap of a truck as one can buy. The base model of the truck doesn’t even come with airbags but don’t worry… this thing is so bad that it’s said that airbags probably wouldn’t do anything anyway.

NCAP is a British charity that seems to think that there’s no good reason that unsafe cars are still being produced. Therefore, they tackle lots of crash tests like this one.

The NCAP reports “The Steed 5 is tested in the basic version without airbags. Driver dummy readings showed a redhead and brown chest and neck, which translates into poor protection for head and weak protection for the neck and chest. Those body parts are considered critical body regions. The structure was considered as unstable as was the footwell area. The deformation in the passenger compartment and movement of the steering column questions if an airbag would be able to prevent serious injuries to the driver.”

In other words, occupants of the vehicle are basically in complete jeopardy if this thing ever gets in an accident. It’s so unsafe, in fact, due to weak construction, that airbags would serve no purpose.