Could a ZR1 be a Sleeper? Fake Supercharged Car is Actually Twin Turbo!

The word “sleeper” is thrown around a lot these days. As a word that ...

The word “sleeper” is thrown around a lot these days. As a word that begins to be overused, it can lose its potency in certain cases. However, there are also cases where it certainly applies. Sometimes, there’s something about a car that really comes from out of left field. It might even be shocking enough to leave the crowd’s jaws on the floor as they watch in amazement. This time, we discover a different kind of sleeper that comes in a form that we’re sure some are going to have an issue with growing to accept.

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Some would probably argue that a Chevrolet Corvette could never be a sleeper. In theory, we can kind of see where they’re coming from. The car is designed, in part, to show off an aggressive nature. After all, this is the whole reason that someone buys a car like this. On the other hand, though, when a car looks like it’s near stock, there’s no expectation that it’ll end up running like this. Perhaps the even more surprising aspect of this ride is the sound that it makes moments before it’s about to take its journey down the drag strip.

The BigKleib34 video down below takes us to the scene to catch up with this monster performer. At Holley LS Fest West, the machine managed to tick its way into the 8-second range with ease. However, when we hear the machine depart down the track, it isn’t the whine of the supercharger that’s following it. Instead, we hear a pair of turbos spool as the car really provides quite the surprise. To make things even better, the factory ZR1 hood with the clear insert still shows a gutted factory blower. It’s all about the details in this car that really makes it come alive on the track!

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