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The “Super Troopers 2” Trailer is LIVE and Looks Even Better Than The First!

If you want to feel old, just think about the fact that Super Troopers, the original movie, has been around for 16 years. As the years come and go, sometimes you’re left to think that these cult classic films will simply be left to rest. However, recently, it was announced at this film series, in particular, will be dug back up again, adding another installment to the film that was simply so stupid that we couldn’t help but laugh at it and we mean that in the most loving way possible. Personally, I couldn’t help myself but to watch the movie more than once.

I guess that the fans clamored loud enough and now, due out on 4/20 of next year, ironically enough, those who enjoyed watching the flick will now get a chance to see a follow-up. It really leads you to wonder what the whole crew has been up to all of these years and exactly how they’re going to follow-up such a popular movie with a sequel. One could really wonder if all of this time for a build up would be a good or bad thing for the outcome that we will see when the flick hits theaters next year. I guess that the only way to find out is to wait and check out the movie for ourselves to see what the creative team behind this one is able to come up with.

Follow along with the trailer down below and tell us what you think of this little teaser for the next Super Troopers movie. After over a decade and a half, the comeback is finally real so let’s just hope that these guys are able to make the most of it. It’s going to be fun to watch the old gang getting together on screen once again! Were you a fan of the first installment of the movie? Do you see yourself going to see the second one?