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How Do Sinkholes That Swallow Cars Form?

It’s crazy to think that at any given moment, a sinkhole could form and suck just about everything on the surface of the Earth above it into it. Over the years, we have seen lots of houses, cars, and more sucked up into these natural formations that seem to show up out of nowhere and take just about everything with them. One of the most notable automotive occurrences of this was a little bit over three years ago when Bowling Green, Kentucky would see a massive hole open operate underneath of the Corvette Museum and suck a whole collection of cars into the Earth. Whether or not you enjoy General Motors performance for yourself, this is definitely a sad day in the automotive world as lots of history was damaged or destroyed.

Now, the Corvette Museum has undergone some recovery and eventually made this new story a part of the history books but after something like that, You’re really left to wonder exactly what it is that causes such a sinkhole effect in the first place. It seems rather odd that the earth would separate and suck anything that it pleases down at any given moment. There has to be some sort of reasoning inside that phenomenon right? This time, we dive into just that question to try and find some answers as to why this is something that’s even on our radar. Perhaps this video will be able to provide a little bit of insight for you.

Check out the video below that shows you a clear demonstration that might just help you to understand exactly how sinkholes like these work and why they’re out there swallowing up Corvettes. Maybe, the next time that one of these natural disasters pops up, you won’t have so many questions about where it came from. I’m not sure that there’s necessarily much that you can do to prevent sinkholes so this might never have any practical use but at least next time that you see one, maybe some of these demonstrations will pop into your head.

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