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Lamborghini Ends up Off-Roading After High Speed Desert Chase

It seems like, in the world of exotic rental cars, there is no day that remains uneventful for long. There are a couple of exotic rental car companies floating around on YouTube and we are constantly seeing videos come out about customers that didn’t exactly play by the rules. As it turns out, when dealing with cars that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, this can end up creating its fair share of headaches.

This time, we get to join in with another adventure from Royalty Exotic Cars. It’s pretty crazy to see the condition that these guys find their cars left in from time to time. It also raises a couple of questions. It’s kind of hard for a normal person to wrap their mind around somebody who rents an exotic car for a day and completely destroys it. Not only is it disrespectful of somebody else’s property. Sometimes, the stories behind the situation just don’t add up which we definitely find in this wild chase scenario.

Anyways, that was the exact situation here as Royalty Exotic had rented out a Lamborghini Huracan to a home that wasn’t in such a good area. What started out as a short-term rental for a couple of hours ended with a car chase out of the city and into the desert!

Down in the video below, we join in as they take the journey to the LBO to find it left in pretty bad shape. After watching some of these videos, we would think that renting out exotic cars has to be a pretty profitable experience because some of the different challenges that it presents really seem to be an uphill battle. We certainly wouldn’t want to be the ones responsible for making a six-figure car whole again after a disaster like this.

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