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NASCAR Legend, Tony Stewart Takes Reigns of 300 MPH Dragster

On the circle track, Tony Stewart was one of the most accomplished drivers in NASCAR and other scenes. In fact, he was one of those drivers that were so dedicated to racing that he was dominant in a variety of different formats. He was so good, in fact, that NASCAR even thought that it would be proper to induct him into the 2020 Hall of Fame.

While there are many frontiers that Tony Stewart has conquered, this time, he takes on yet another. Instead of going door to door with competitors at 200 mph around corners, this one puts him in a little bit straighter of a course. This time, Tony Stewart chooses to take on the world of drag racing.

While drag racing usually only spans 1/8 or 1/4 of a mile and goes in a straight line, it definitely has its fair share of nuances, even when Compared to NASCAR races that span hundreds of miles and have the drivers constantly battling through corners. In this one, Stewart takes on the nuances of the sport, taking the advantage of his fiance, Leah Pruett’s 300 mph dragster out in LAs Vegas!

Fans of Stewart will be happy to see exactly what he has been up to since retiring from NASCAR. Who knows? Maybe before long, we will even see old Smoke taking on straight line racing in some sort of competitive format.

Down below, we take on the day of racing as Stewart tries his best to take down the best pass that he possibly can. Even with a long and successful career in racing, this is an experience that still requires a lot of learning for the NASCAR legend. Tuning in with something like this really can hand out an all-new appreciation for just how complicated things are in the NHRA, even if everything is happening in a straight line!