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10 Best Cancelled Cars (Concepts That Were Never Made)

Finding their way to auto shows around the world, we find intriguing concept cars. Essentially, these cars have a few functions.

First, they stand to show what an automaker can do. If an automaker comes up with some sort of extravagant concept, it would naturally follow that their other cars must be this awesome too. Well, actually, this might not exactly be the case, marketing minds have been using this technique for years, though. After all, the biggest moneymakers seem to be the boring economy cars. If a marketing team can lure people in with that flashy concept before selling them the old reliable economy boxes, they’ve done their job.

Second, perhaps the car is used to show off technology that is soon coming to the brand. With this idea, there will be bits and pieces that are picked off of concepts and used in future vehicles. Essentially, automakers can use it as a sort of soft test to decide if they actually want to implement some of these concepts into their real automobiles.

Lastly, we find the concept cars that will actually become real vehicles. Unfortunately, while some concepts are wildly cool, they never materialize as a car that a consumer can go out and buy. It would be a perfect world where the cool car was the best seller that made the most money. However, sometimes, it just isn’t feasible and doesn’t make financial sense for the automaker to produce these vehicles.

By following along with the video below, we’re able to check out ten vehicles that fall into the last category. The TopCarsTV YouTube channel took the liberty of compiling the machines. It takes a lot of effort and money to bring a new car to the market. Therefore, some of these machines just weren’t in the perfect storm for a new model to emerge. Looking back, though, we kinda wish that some of these would’ve become the real deal.