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10 Most Amazing Snow Chain Alternatives For This Winter!

If you live where snow and ice are a regular occurrence, you’re likely familiar with snow chains. For those of you who live in more temperate climates, there is a very good possibility you’ve never even heard of them. They’re basically exactly what you’d expect from the name: chains that go on your tires to help with traction in the snow. The easiest way to describe them would be like a flexible ladder with rungs made of small chains that dig into the snow and provide much-needed traction in the snow.

They are great in the inclement weather, but as soon as you get back on to dry asphalt, they have to come off immediately as they can damage your tire and the roadway. However, there are some pretty slick alternatives to the snow chain of old that provide the same beneficial traction without the possible damage that comes from the traditional style.

The video below takes a look at no fewer than ten different options to get you back on track with things get slick. There’s the Snow Sock, which looks to be a form-fitting fabric cover for your tires that fits like, well… a sock. You slip it on, drive up a couple of feet and put it the rest of the way on, and away you go. Then there’s the ZipGripGo, a pack of massive, robust zip ties with claws that dig in and provide plenty of forwarding bites. There’s the Michelin Easy Grip, which is a mesh net that stretches over the tire and focuses the weight on smaller areas that can dig in and help pull you out of the muck.

All of these products are basically a version of one of these three versions, providing a much-needed boost to your gripping power when snow and ice has threatened your ability to get where you’re going.