10 Most Expensive Private Jets In The World! Ultimate Billionaire Toys!

When you have an abundance of money, naturally comes the want to buy all of the ...

When you have an abundance of money, naturally comes the want to buy all of the frills that life has to offer. This time, we dive into a list of some of the top wealthy folks’ toys that might just blow your mind. Many of these things cost more than the majority of people will earn in their entire life.

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Now, what does one look for in a private jet when they have what seems like all of the money in the world to spend? Well, this list takes an inside peek into the world of the most fortunate and shows us that exactly what their criteria tends to be.

From the fundamentals to the frills and everything in between, some of these things look like flying five-star hotel rooms, offering up many of the entities that you might not even find in a house. Yes, these homes of the sky really are that lavish.

Head down to the video below to see the list in its entirety and be sure to tell us what you think of this incredible collection. If you had all of the money in the world, what kind of features would you look for in your very own private jet?

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