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1000+ Horsepower 2JZ Powered Polaris RZR is Unhinged Insanity

While some might think that performance fun stops where the road ends, others are very aware of the blast that happens off of the beaten path. In fact, there are a plethora of different options for those looking to tackle the world of off-road with a vengeance. Every day, we see new releases coming to the market that are designed specifically to take on the road less traveled.

This time, we check in with one of those rigs that has been taken to a new level.

When the Polaris RZR rolled off of the factory floor, it was a very capable machine. These things have been held in high regard among off-roading enthusiasts. However, as performance enthusiasts will do, there are a whole bunch of these things that have been modified to the gills because we can’t just keep our hands off of our toys.

A lightweight platform like the RZR is one that should not have an issue skating through the dirt quickly. Even without too much power, the lightweight frame is a major benefit as it concerns the power to weight ratio. However, in this situation, we find a setup that does boast a ton of power.

As it turns out, this Polaris shares architecture with the storied Toyota 2JZ that can be found in some of the fastest Toyota Supras on Earth. However, the RZR doesn’t exactly weigh as much as a supra, now does it?

By following along with the video below from SXSBlog, we get treated to a 1000 hp test drive in one of the most radical off-road machines imaginable. This thing has a way of skating through the dirt that makes it look like an absolute blast to get behind the wheel. Beware, though, because one tap of the accelerator is sure to have all of the blood in your body rushing straight to your face.