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1,000 HP F22 Powered Honda, Sequential Throws Down!

When we sink our teeth into the drag racing world, there are platforms galore that racers can choose to build to their heart’s content. One of the platforms that we think is a bit underrated in this realm is that of the Honda S2000. After all, in a world where power and weight are two of the main factors, choosing a smaller chassis like this it’s probably a pretty good start. We’ve definitely seen potent S2000s make their way down the strip before but we think that they have a much bigger role coming in drag racing than they have played to date.

This time, week check out an individual’s build who is really on the way to bringing his S2000 to the limelight. With four cylinders of fury, we check out a boosted F22 powered car that is making right at 1000 hp to the tune of 42 psi of boost. To make things even better, it’s all shifted through a sequential transmission that absolutely rips through the gears. There’s just something about the sound of those gears clicking away that gets to us. No matter what kind of vehicle someone claims to be a fan of, there’s something to love about a sequential gearbox.

By following along with the video below, we get to tune in with this small but mighty Honda. this thing is almost like a rocket ship getting ready to take flight. from both inside and out, we get the complete overview of the car. In turn, we learn all about what it took to get the vehicle where it is today. of course, we also get a little bit of the backstory that elaborates upon the steps that the vehicle has gone through. After all, it wouldn’t be any fun if the car went from a stock vehicle to the beast it is today, now would it?