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1000 hp Jeep Trackhawk is the Neck-Breaking Heavyweight That Dreams Are Made Of

There’s something about a brutally powerful heavyweight that really speaks to us. At the end of the day, I think that it might be the imperfection that makes these vehicles perfect. When we think about racing, there is an all-out perfect combination. This combination considers things like aerodynamics, weight reduction, and just the right amount of power.

With these heavyweights, though, those factors are absolutely thrown out the window. Instead, the goal is to throw as much power as possible at an unlikely platform. Before Jeep decided to make an SRT variation of their Grand Cherokee, nobody ever thought that they would see a Jeep like this.

All of these years later, we are now really digging into the Trackhawk platform. Supercharged straight out of the box, the 707 hp setup is an absolute monster. This time, though, That Racing Channel takes us along for the ride with a version that has managed 1000 hp.

There is quite a bit of expertise making this thing go. At the heart of it all, we find a Demon Performance 400 stroker engine that has been built from the 6.2L Hellcat architecture. TKM was responsible for the build and also included other goodies like ported heads and a ported supercharger snout. Throw in a little bit of e85 and this is a ride for the ages!

Of course, all of this is easier said than done as these guys are professionals with lots of experience. Lots of time skill development have gone into bringing together packages like this. When it all ends up on the street, though, this SUV makes it all look easy. For all intents and purposes, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is a land yacht. However, this one really packs the punch to be able to overcome those built in weight and aero woes.