Georgia No Prep Kings Event First to be Pushed to 2021, More Could Potentially Follow

Racing these days is incredibly difficult. If there’s one group of folks who ...

Racing these days is incredibly difficult. If there’s one group of folks who have a particularly difficult job, it’s race promoters. Previously, promoters were already facing a wide variety of challenges. As it turns out, coordinating everything from tracks to racers, doing marketing, and making sure everyone has a good time is a lot more difficult than it looks. Throw a worldwide pandemic in the mix and things have a way of complicating themselves.

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Before the pandemic struck, we would say that No Prep Kings stood as one of the most successful racing events on the schedule. It hasn’t lost its status in the ranks. However, COVID-19 has hit the series just as hard as any other.

In the most recent development on Thursday, NPK took to Facebook to inform everyone that they’re calling the event at South Georgia Motorsports Park. This will be the first event of 2020 that they’re postponing until the next racing season. The event that was originally scheduled for July 31-August 1 will now be held on April 8-9 2021.

There’s no official word on what will be happening with the rest of the schedule just yet. However, well-connected birdy told us that the August 14-15 race is likely to be moved to next year as well. We will await official announcements for that event and beyond this coming week.

One scroll through NPK’s Facebook page and it’s the same story over and over again. Events have been pushed back over and over again as the promoters seem to be struggling to stay ahead of COVID. No Prep Kings hasn’t come out and spelled out the specifics of the cancellations.

In most cases, though, it would appear as if things aren’t in the hands of the promoters at all. Instead, local regulations and guidelines simply prevent races from happening in a reasonable fashion. Therefore, even if promoters did want to try their luck by opening with social distancing measures in place, races just realistically couldn’t happen with these constraints, depending on the location.

Hopefully, when the world gets back to something that resembled normal pre-COVID, people will be able to find solace in simple things like attending a race without having to worry about cancellations and social distancing.


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