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10,000 Horsepower in a Top Fuel Boat is a Sight Everyone Needs to Witness

Just as sure as there is massive horsepower builds on land, folks will be heading into the water to make power as well. This summer, we have definitely seen some pretty crazy creations come to life. They range in everything from a Hemi powered jet boat all the way to a turbocharged jet ski making 1200 hp.

This time, though, we check out a collection of boats that really don’t even fall into the same class as the rest. Let’s just say that these vessels are in a world all their own and the resulting power output is definitely a sight to be seen. This is something that really can’t even be described but one just has to spectate in order to be able to witness the full scope of what these machines are capable of.

In this one, we tune in to what the video uploader calls the quickest accelerating boats on the planet. Fitted with 10,000 hp onboard, the top fuel jet boats use a supercharged V8 engine running nitromethane fuel to make their way to some pretty insane speeds. In fact, we’re informed that they’re able to accomplish 0-270 mph in just 3.5 seconds. Imagine the feeling of the blood rushing straight to your face as the pilot of such a crazy combination.

Now, we’re sure that nothing could quite compare to sitting in the cockpit of such a powerful piece of machinery. However, right behind being able to actually see these things in person, a video like this kind of gives us a little bit of perspective. It’s downright wild how quickly these boats are able to accelerate all while staying in the water. In just a matter of seconds, they propel to crazy speeds as they leave behind a massive roost to really leave all spectators on hand in awe.

Photo credit – Mark Sharley Photography