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1,000HP + 1977 Ramcharger = Insanity!

1,000HP + 1977 Ramcharger = Insanity!

When it originally rolled off of the assembly line, the Dodge Ramcharger was a monster of a machine. As big as it was, though, it never quite saw the amount of horsepower that we see in this particular rendition of the truck. In fact, we might even go so far as saying that the folks who originally created this thing will probably have their jaws on the floor if they would see what this particular example would eventually become.

Posted by Graveyard Carz on Facebook, this old school Mopar has definitely received a little bit of new school love. Instead of the original power plant, under the hood, we find what appears to be some sort of supercharged muscle. When all is said and done, it equates to 1000 hp of ground punishing power.

In addition, this old school truck has been decked out with everything that one could possibly want or need if they were to want to tackle the elements. This thing is so stout that we wouldn’t be shocked if it could drive straight through a brick wall and keep on trucking.

Just the note we get from hearing this machine idle is enough to really get us all wrapped up. The massive rig feels like it practically sweats horsepower. However, that isn’t where it stops as eventually, it’s unloaded from the trailer and put in the dirt. This is where the fun really begins as that throttle is dropped and all of the power is made good upon. Not only does it have a bark but apparently, this truck has the bite to match.

By following along with the video below, we get to get up close and personal with this muscle machine, seeing what it’s all about. There’s just something special about these modern meats classic combinations that really have us wanting more.


Posted by Moparian on Tuesday, November 17, 2020