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11 Crazy Quick Pickups – Trucks Can Party Too!

Within drag racing, there are a whole bunch of different sub-communities that racers find to be worth the squeeze. One of those sub-communities that really has built up quite a head of steam is that of pickup truck racing. On the surface, a pickup might not seem like something that spells out “speed.” After all, the platform obviously was created with the idea of pulling around cargo. Perhaps, this is the best part! There’s something magical about watching a vehicle designed for utility making its way down the drag strip in a hurry.

This time, the one common thread between all the trucks pictured is that they have LS power under the hood. That is because this compilation of really quick drag racing machines is brought to us from nowhere other than the 2018 rendition of Holley LS Fest. All the action is straight out of Bowling Green, Kentucky. There’s certainly no shortage of surprises here as we see trucks rocket their way into the single digit range in a quarter mile. Some of these heavyweights look like they’re built for the job at hand but others, we would’ve never suspected that they end up being as quick as they were.

By following along with the footage below, we get a front-row seat that shows us some of the gnarliest trucks of that weekend. Sure, some of these trucks might be heavier than your average drag racing vehicle. Some of them might even be using a variety of factory components. However, after watching a quick little compilation like this, on never really knows what they’re going to get. The wide world of trucks is one that’s always expanding to get faster, too! Once that shock value is thrown into the mix, it’s hard not to fall in love!