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11 of the Sketchiest Moments From The Iconic Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Those who are familiar with the Goodwood Festival of Speed know that some of the most highly sought after cars in the world will show up. These range from rare machines that are one-off creations all the way to some of the big dogs in the exotic car world that cost millions of dollars. Spectators who show up can get a true taste of just about everything, checking out some of their favorite cars and probably some that they have never even heard of.

For the most part, while the event is designed to showcase speed and horsepower, it doesn’t seem super competitive. With that, we don’t really expect to find lots of crashes and cars veering off of the hillclimb. However, that isn’t to say that these drivers are all necessarily taking it all that easy, either. In fact, it can be pretty hard to not smash the throttle a good bit when behind the wheel of one of the special machines.

With that, every now and then, we can definitely expect a slip up here and there. This time, we take a moment to appreciate some of those moments as they come at us, full speed. In this one, we get to check out 11 of the wildest Goodwood SpeedWeek moments from 2020 that showcase drivers who might have gotten in just a little bit over their heads.

By following along with the video down below, we get to check out a variety of incredibly rare and/or expensive cars that really just pushed it past the limit. There’s nothing like a good old fashion session on the track. However, there is a fine line between pushing the car to the limit and simply taking things too far. Luckily, most of these incidents look like they caused minor if any damage.