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1200cc Harley Davidson Powered Quad is Overkill and we Love It

When it comes to engine swaps, there is no platform that is safe. No matter what it is that you’re looking at, there’s a good chance that someone, somewhere, has taken the liberty of removing the original engine and replacing it with something that they saw to be more fit to complete the job at hand. This time, we see that not even a quad is safe from a ready and willing enthusiast who wants to give the machine a little bit more power. Therefore, instead of the original powerplant that it had, this quad is received a new life thanks to 1200 cc of Harley-Davidson power.

One thing is for sure in the fact that they definitely have quite the machine here and it has that low grumbling sound to match. Now, all that we want to see is what this thing has got when someone is behind the handlebars ripping on it! I bet that the operator will have a handful when they go wide open and try to tame this beast and all that it has hiding out under those engine covers. We aren’t give too many details on this one, but on the surface, this seems like a good idea that most certainly has no shortage of execution, perhaps the most important part of a swap like this one.

Check out the video below that brings this ATV to life and tell us what you think of such a machine as it’s fired up and idles away! Would you be willing to hop on this thin and let it rip at wide open throttle all while hanging on for dear life? I wouldn’t be surprised to see this thing blasting past traffic at some point in time when someone hops on and decides that they want to stretch its legs out a little bit!

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