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Experiment: Will a Gasoline Engine Run on Everclear? Let’s Find Out!

When it comes to the Project Farm YouTube channel, we have definitely seen our fair amount of engine experiments. With each experiment, they’re able to fashion a different condition to see just how well an engine will perform under certain circumstances that really exercise your mind. While very few of these will actually translate to any sort of real world results, it’s quite entertaining to see exactly how these far-fetched scenarios come to life when they are put together in a controlled environment. It’s really all about seeing exactly what the possibilities are with a small combustion engine.

This time, we follow along with a set of circumstances that might just leave you a little bit nauseous, that is, if you have ever had a bad experience while drinking Everclear. Instead of using the alcoholic beverage that has built up quite a reputation for drinking, we see what exactly it will do in a gas tank. Instead of fueling this lawnmower engine with gasoline, it’s instead fueled with Everclear to see exactly how the alcoholic beverage will create combustion and therefore, power. You probably heard tall tales about situations like this working out but now, we get to see for real to determine if it will actually come to life or not.

Follow along down in the video below that puts this wild thought to the test to see exactly how these factors will play out when they’re all thrown into the same equation. With videos like this, we have seen a lot of different circumstances tested out with different levels of success each time. This experiment also provides you with another unique experience. After seeing this experiment come to life, be sure to tell us what kind of interesting factors you’d throw together next if you had an engine like this at your disposal to play around with and have a little fun with for a bit.

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