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Goldberg Wrestles 1,200 Horsepower Challenger. Who Will Win This Battle?

When it comes to some of the most famous car guys of all time, look no further than Goldberg. As one of the most iconic faces that professional wrestling has to offer, he’s practically a household name. After all, most twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings alike remember some sort of Goldberg influence coming into their lives. Back when he was fighting in the squared circle, this guy downright dominated. Not only was he a physical presence but also provided that entertainment value that we were all seeking back in the day. He continues to be quite the entertainer these days, as well.

In recent years, he isn’t wrestling anymore but he has turned out to be quite the automotive figurehead. He even hosted the Bullrun reality show that acted as a sort of rally meets competition among gearheads. This, of course, comes in addition to his awesome collection of automobiles. Long story short, Goldberg is one individual that we’re certainly happy to have in the automotive aficionado camp. This time, he just so happen to wander his way into a Hoonigan video to get down in typical Hoonigan fashion. This is something that we can’t help but love.

Down below, we get all of the pieces that our inner childhood is yearning for. Not only do we get to check in with what Goldberg has been up to but we get to check out a couple of awesome Dodge products as well. When Goldberg is combined with 1200 hp, you know that this tag team is going to be something good. While his days in the ring might be numbered, by looking at all of that tire smoke, perhaps Goldberg has a future behind the wheel of a race car. In any situation, we recommend tuning into this one because it’s one that nobody should miss!