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Motorcycle Powered Golf Cart is an Absolute SAVAGE

The Busakart Gives No Fks And Takes Names

When we’re talking about the ideal platform to start with when drag racing, there’re a few that come to mind. Perhaps a Ford Mustang might be one of the first. After all, the Fox body is one of the most tried-and-true platforms there is. All of this comes with plenty of modification support to go around. Following it up might be something like a Chevrolet Corvette. It’s not hard to see where we’re going with this. Making our way down the list, I’m not sure we would ever find the likes of a golf cart. It just doesn’t make sense. It seems like one of the most unlikely drag racing competitors imaginable.

However, as the internet has quickly found out, it might be one of the best. Because a golf cart is so lightweight, it doesn’t need very much power to go fast. However, when someone does throw a lot of power at it, it turns out that it actually can dethrone just about anything. When this combination came together, the BusaKart would end up being the machine to break the internet. At the end of last year, the Hayabusa motorcycle powered golf cart would be seen by tens of millions of viewers.

This time, the beloved golfing machine is back and it’s owning the scene once again. By following along with the JMalcom2004 video below, we get to check in with what this absolute savage of a golfing machine has to offer as it makes its way down the strip. After what looks to be a couple of test passes, it matches up with a Mazda RX-7 that appears to be set to go to battle. However, it’s going to have to be on its toes for with what we would imagine is probably the fastest golf cart in the universe.