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13-Year-Old Traded His Xbox To Get Mom A Car

Each and every day, as the news cycle sneaks up on us, it can be easy to get lost in all of the negative stories circulated. There’s just a refreshing change of pace that comes with a story where somebody is thinking of someone other than themselves. With a story like this, we see that someone doesn’t necessarily have to have a lot of money or experience in order to make a difference, either. Sometimes, just a positive attitude and willingness to make a change can be more than enough to make good in the world.

For William, it would just so happen that his family had fallen on hard times. Being young and growing up is tough enough. There are plenty of challenges that go along with coming-of-age. However, when throwing money issues into the fold, things might get all that much more complicated. However, this young man wouldn’t let any of that get in his way. He had a determination that one can’t help but admire. When he saw a YouTube video of someone giving their parents a car, he decided to hop into action. It might’ve taken giving up his Xbox but he was determined to achieve his goal.

Down in the video below, we hear a little bit more about the details of the story. Watching this should be an inspiration for just about anybody to do a little bit of good in their lives. Just imagine mom’s surprise when her 13-year-old son was able to align all of this without her knowing. At only 13-years-old, this is a major accomplishment. Just imagine all of the good that this young man is going to be able to do as he moves forward with life and has more resources. We think that mom should be very proud!