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1400 HP GT350 Throws Down With 1000+ HP Evo X

The comparison might be labeled a thief of joy in certain contexts, but within the racing community, it holds a distinct importance. For those immersed in the world of drag racing, comparison serves as the foundation of the sport and what truly makes it great.

Here, the quest for supremacy isn’t solely about securing the title of the fastest car on the track; it’s also about embracing the multifaceted narratives that reside beneath the competition. For example, one such narrative revolves around the timeless rivalry between enthusiasts of imported vehicles and their domestic counterparts.

This particular battle featured within encapsulates a top-tier domestic versus import throwdown. The spotlight, however, doesn’t just illuminate the vehicles themselves; it also casts a revealing light on the drivers’ prowess. A clash of contrasting ideologies is on display: a Shelby GT350 armed with a formidable 1400 horsepower, propelling its rear wheels, stands face-to-face with a Mitsubishi Evo X, harnessing all-wheel-drive capability and slightly less horsepower. The intriguing matchup is set.

Both contenders boast their unique strengths and weaknesses. While both machines are worthy of admiration, they excel in distinct scenarios. The drag strip emerges as the great equalizer, the arena that only allows one to walk away with the win.

The following video invites us into the realm of That Racing Channel, the platform that leads us on an immersive journey into these remarkable vehicles, courtesy of their passionate owners. A sense of anticipation fills the air as these incredibly different builds gear up for a showdown.

Below, we get to see what happens when push comes to shove and both of these unique machines take the gloves off once and for all. Which combination of driver and machine will come together enough to conquer the opposition? Checking in with the video below settles the debate once and for all.